The sort of awful feeling that accompanies the process of interviewing over and over again, only to receive rejections thus far. Trying not to let it wash over me too much—hopefully I won’t continue to be such a drag. I found a great recipe for cinnamon-sugar pull-apart bread, so I think that’s a definite pathway towards happiness—but I’d love to hear your recommendations!.

This sounds like me last summer! I worked relentlessly on blogging, grew away from my friends, made new friends, listened to a lot of Katy Perry (I needed to let myself have some fun, and if pop music was going to do it, so be it) quit my sucky job, started a new scary job and things verrrrry slowly got better.
Being in a rut or a rough patch is tough. I wish you all the best and I hope that things have gotten better since you wrote this! I found solace in reading other people’s blogs, building a social community online (thus feeling less alone) and throwing myself into writing. It seems like artwork is your solace?
Congratulations on the Oakland gallery! :))))

I think we can both agree that hitting bottom in one area is the catalyst one needs to push themselves forward in other ways while they bounce back. It’s been a rough transitional period, but something gives me the feeling that stability will hit soon. And yes, both music and art are my ways of keeping peace. Thanks so much for your kind words and your story. Things are on their way up, and I’m trying to stay positive as much as possible. Getting the kind of life you want is hard—I think I’m still going through that slow process (with lots of guilty pleasures of my own along the way). :)